We have been very lucky this season with Mangoes. At the end of December, there was an abundance of Bowen Mangoes in parks and on roadsides. As we went about our day, we would grab them as we could. On one occasion we came across two large trees in a large park not far from home.  They were loaded with large heavy green mangoes.    We collected as many as we could, put them in brown paper bags in threes and put them in the sunroom. It wasn’t long before we had sweet delicious mangoes to eat for breakfast, in smoothies, or grilled on the BBQ with our evening meal. It really felt like summer was here.
As the novelty began to wear off, we made mangoes sorbet and ate it with a dollop of cream. Not too dissimilar to a Weis Bar really. I have been making mango sorbet from Stephanie Alexander’s ‘The Cooks Companion’ for many years, and have come to adapt it for those around me that do avoid dairy.

Mango Sorbet

2 Mangoes
Honey to taste
Juice of a lime

Freeze mango cheeks in the freezer overnight. When ready to eat, puree with honey and lime juice. Eat straight away.

There were times when we would travel home from the coast and the roadside sellers would be offering trays of mangoes for little cost. We would pull over with excitement, load our treasure and keep driving home with the smell filling the car.

As summer progresses, the Bowen mangoes have disappeared and the Stringys are around. It seems a shame to leave them rotting on the ground unused.

Our favourite dish for the Stringys has been salsa. Thanks to our friend Benjie, we got to enjoy mango salsa at it’s best – in fish burritos.  Going to the effort of making homemade tortillas (soft tacos to some) was well worth the effort.  The fish was flake in this instance. We bundled it all together with some finely shredded cabbage – delicious Benjie.

Fish Burritos

Mango Salsa
1 mango
Fresh coriander
Chopped Red Onion
Lime juice

Firm white fish (we used flake)
Ground paprika
Ground cumin
Ground cayenne pepper

Finely shredded cabbage

Chop the mango salsa ingredients and mix together. Set aside. Cook up the tortillas, keep warm in a clean tea towel. Cook up the fish ingredients together, adding the spices to suit your tastes for 3-4 minutes. On an open tortilla add the cabbage, the salsa, then the fish. Wrap and eat immediately.

We have pretty much had our fill of mangoes for this season. There are still plenty around at the markets. The extras we had collected are stored in the freezer for the moment we need to bring summer back into our home.

Have any readers got some tales to tell of eating mango? Any great mango finds whilst out hunting and gathering?

2 thoughts on “Mangoes

    • Hi Trisha,
      I used the tortillas recipe from The Tea for Six Blog – I have adapted it slightly, to be quick.
      Just mix together 3.5 cups of self raising flour, 0.5 cups oil (I used grape seed), 1 cup of hot water.
      Knead and leave for 15 minutes or so. Divide in 16 balls. Roll out and cook in a pan until it bubbles up. Turn over and cook the other side for about a minute. As cleverly suggested in her blog, I roll a new one whilst as one cooks – makes it pretty efficient, and easy.

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