Amaranth – Part 1



It has been a long time between posts, and this is not because there is nothing to write about.  On the contrary, I have had so many experiences and thoughts that have past through my mind, and my life, but there just doesn’t seem to be a chance to take them further.

Making the time to stop and capture one’s thoughts has become increasingly hard over the last year.  I have reflected on it many times without resolution.

The only rationale I can find for the absence of my posts is simply the pace at which I have allowed myself to exist.  Life has swept me into an express lane, and without realising, I have let it happen.

Over a month ago, I attend a slow living retreat in Byron Bay hosted by some incredibly gifted individuals.  Even at the workshop as my mind began to settle into what was surrounding me, I still did not grasp the fact that I was not in living in way that I could flourish.  Weeks later, I am still struggling with myself to just slow down.  But, thankfully, I hungrily yearn for the slow living rhetoric more and more each day.


Grounding moments exist in the stories of the other workshop members that I can now visit regularly through the virtual world.  I could write for a very long time about the incredibly inspiring and intelligent people I met during that weekend.  It has been a very long time since I have been so taken aback by an experience.

Surprisingly, the result was not an abundance of ideas to explore, or an inspiration to go and see more.  Instead, all I want is to pare down all that is around me.  I just want to be calm again.




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